Dongle Support.

Obsidium features built-in support for two different types of USB dongles manufactured by Senselock. Hardware dongles offer the highest level of security and control over the terms of your licensing agreements and as such often are the preferred method of protecting high-end applications. The dongles' features are fully integrated into Obsidium and can easily be accessed via simple API calls.

A straightforward workflow allows dongles to be prepared for end-user distribution in a matter of seconds. Customers can re-use their dongles thanks to secure remote update facilities.

The most commonly used licensing features are built-in and available immediately through the protection SDK. Moreover, virtually every imaginable advanced licensing scheme can be implemented with minimal effort.

Comparison of supported dongle types.

Obsidium supports the Clave2 and Elite EL series of dongles. The following table outlines their key features.

Clave 2 Basic Elite EL
Hardware-assisted Code Encryption
Trial Functionality  
User-defined Data Storage 1.5KB up to ~50KB
Secure Remote Updates
Securely Encrypt Sensitive Data
Hardware-assisted Code Virtualization  
Run Custom Code on the Dongle

Apart from these differences, the EL series dongles also provide higher performance and security in general.

Compatibility and Requirements.

General system requirements are identical to those of Obsidium itself. Clave2 dongles do not require the installation of additional drivers. Elite EL dongles can be configured to operate in driverless mode as well, but this is not recommended. Drivers are available for all supported operating systems.

Dongle verification code for other platforms can be provided on request.


Dongle licensing modes are available as a paid upgrade for owners of a company license.

Dongle Availability.

Blank dongles can be purchased from Senselock or one of their international resellers.

More Information.

For more information, requesting an evaluation version, discussing which solution is most suitable for your applications or general inquiries please don't hesitate to contact us via email.