Designed for Windows™ .NET compatible Dongle Support

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Edition Version Date Size
Obsidium (x86) 1.7.5 (build 3)1 2022-5-1 16.1 MB Download Obsidium
Obsidium Lite (x86) 1.7.5 (build 3)1 2022-4-19 8.7 MB Download Obsidium Lite
Obsidium x64 1.7.5 (build 11)1 2022-5-1 15.9 MB Download Obsidium x64

Included language files: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Dutch, English, German, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Spanish

The installation packages include the protection SDK, usage examples in several programming languages and full documentation.

Please refer to this page for a comparison of the two 32-bit editions.

A list of differences between the 32-bit and 64-bit version is given on this page.

Functional limitations of the evaluation versions:

If you are having any problems installing or using Obsidium, please direct your questions to or leave a message in the support forum if you are an existing customer.

1This evaluation version may be slightly outdated and as such contain bugs or miss most recent features. The latest builds are available to licensed users only.