Obsidium Licensing SDK

Designed for Windows™ .NET compatible Dongle Support

General information

The Obsidium Licensing SDK is a portable cross-platform software licensing library that can serve as a solid foundation to implement various licensing schemes for Windows, MacOS and Linux applications.

It is separate product that is completey independent from the Obsidium Software Protection System and is ideal in cases full binary protection is not possible or desired, or when distributing applications for several platforms.

Key features

The optional hardware-locking library allows you to generate unique hardware fingerprints to support node-locked licensing models. Currently supported hardware components include CPU, HDD and BIOS/Mainboard.


The SDK is licensed per platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and CPU architecture (32-bit, 64-bit). Each combination of platform and CPU constitutes a target in the table below.

Item Type Price Description
Single Target Personal €691 License type suitable for individual, independent developers only. If you work for or represent a company, you need to purchase a company license.
Additional Target Personal €291
Hardware Locking (per target) Personal €291
Single Target Company €1491 License type suitable for companies or teams of two or more developers.
Additional Target Company €491
Hardware Locking (per target) Company €491

The SDK may be used in an unlimited number of applications without any additional fees or royalties.

To place an order, request an evaluation version or send general inquiries please contact .

1exc. VAT in the EU
2Currently available for Windows and Mac OS; introduces dependencies to some system libraries / frameworks