General Information.

The Obsidium Licensing SDK is a portable cross-platform software licensing library that can serve as a solid foundation to implement various licensing schemes for Windows, MacOS and Linux applications.

It is separate product that is completey independent from the Obsidium Software Protection System and is ideal in cases where full binary protection is not possible or desired, or when distributing applications for several platforms.

Key Features.

  • Cryptographically secure license keys that cannot be forged
  • Securely store arbitrary data (e.g. hardware IDs, expiration dates, enabled features) in license keys
  • Clean and simple C interface
  • Static libraries for all supported target platforms
  • License verification library without external dependencies
  • Different license key formats, textual and binary, variable key lengths, optimized for easy manual entry by end-users
  • Optional hardware-locking library2
  • Very small memory footprint
  • Full documentation and implementation examples
  • Compatible with Obsidium's internal licensing system (short keys), if required